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Thank you cards for a special occasion

Thank You Cards given instead of souvenirs:

If you’re currently planning a wedding or have a special occasion coming up, you’ve probably read plenty of articles when it comes to planning. Don’t feel compelled to spend money on souvenirs that will likely end up in the trash, in a drawer or being given to a church bazaar to be sold again!

Your taste may not be to everyone’s liking either. If you’re choosing between something that will truly enhance your guests experience and in the same time be a noble gesture, consider to choose our Thank You Cards to be given instead of souvenirs with a donation of your choice to our Foundation to help us with our mission.

A charitable gift is a meaningful gift.

With your donation, you will be helping many families who are passing through difficult times including those families with kids having a severe disability or condition. Your act of kindness will help them lead a better life.

Thank You Cards given to clients instead of gifts:

It can be difficult for companies or owners of small shops to decide what the most appropriate gift is for their customers and clients. One of the best ways to show your appreciation for their loyalty over the last year is to give them a specialised Thank You Card in lieu of a gift with a donation of your choice to our Foundation  to help us with our mission.

Your clients will surely appreciate your noble gesture!

Should you be interested in donating, please fill out the form below: